An email was sent out yesterday by leadership letting staff know that they are putting next years calendar together and to notify them if a class or club wants to establish a fundraiser day. For example, MECHA always has a fundraiser on Cinco de Mayo (today!) where they sell burritos in the quad. They also do a car wash. We always need funds for our paper, so my question for you is: What fundraising event do you think the journalism class should put on for next year? What should we sell? What will make us the most profits? What day of the year should it be connected to?

I know many of you will not be participating in this class next year but I would still appreciate your ideas. You know best what sudents are willing to buy. Please post an original fundraising idea. The more ideas we can generate, the better.

As we approach the end of the school year and our final issue of OuRCity News, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on why RCHS wanted to restore a journalism class as an elective. The media, and journalists as a profession, are a very important part to any community whether it be a school, a city, our a country. So important, in fact, that the freedom of the press in written into the First Amendment in our Bill of Rights. Sumiko touched on this importance on her current article on World Press Freedom Day which was established to acknowledge the contributions that journalists make all over the world. In many parts of the globe, and throughout history, journalists have been imprisoned and even killed simply for doing their job. This highlights the importance of that profession if people are willing to put their safety and well-being on the line in order to publish a story. My question for you is: Why is journalism important and what is the role of a journalist in society?

Test Taking

At this point in your academic career you have taken so many tests that , know it or not, you are a professional test taker. The administration is treating the CST’s that begin next week as a big event. My question for you is: What are some tips that you may have for other students about test taking strategies or preparing for an important event? Please be specific. I really do appreciate your posts so far and enjoy reading them.


This week will mark the beginning of discussions in RCHS 1st period classes about the impact that the State Standardized Tests have on the school community. The impacts are important, but one of the biggest problems in the past is the fact that many students don’t take the tests seriously because the results do not directly effect individual students. While this isn’t entirely true, it is certainly a broad perception. RCHS is trying to come up with ways to make it worth while for students to put forth their best effort including discounts on Yearbooks, free admission to sporting events, etc. for students who improve upon their previous test perfomances. My question to you is: Realistically, what would be an effective incentive that would push you to do your absolute best on the CST’s?

Journalism Class

Journalism Class 2010

Students that created Ou[RC]ity News from scratch.

Journalism Class

I was very pleased to read all of the contributions that students made on this blog yesterday. Through all of the work that we have done and the comments left on this site yesterday, I must say that we have a really talented group of young women (and you too Mark) on our staff. We just need a solid effort (most improtantly $) from here until June to end the year on a high note.