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We have started with a new writing strategy for our next article deadline on Oct. 19th. You are now working in your editor groups and are responsible for a feature article and a sports article. Tasks should be divided amongst group members so that everyone is participating in making this first newspaper issue something we can all be proud of. I would like for each student to post what they are going to be responsible for in their groups. Are you conducting interviews? Gathering background information? Attending events for pictures? What are you doing to help your team? Be specific. I want specific names of people who you are interviewing, websites you are visiting for background info, times/dates/location of events that you will be attending.

Keep in mind that part of your grade for these assignments will be points given to you by your teammates. If you are not contributing to the group, your grade will suffer.

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Brainstorm Story Ideas

We are getting closer to our actual publishing date (third week of October) and have time to write one more round of articles before our deadline. I would like you to post three story ideas that you feel would be valuable articles to include in our first issue. You can post ideas for articles even if you would not like to particularly write about that topic, but you think it would be good for other students to know and read about. For example, Carolynn wrote an article about the cafeteria staff. It was important to get that information out because so many students and staff take the cafeteria workers for granted. What stories need to be told?

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Story Ideas for Fall 2010

Welcome to the Journalism Class blog. I wanted to get you familiar with using this site as a way to post stories/pictures and share ideas.

This morning I wanted to just start a discussion about any story ideas that you may have that you, or someone in this class, would like to work on this term. Be specific. It’s not enough to say you want to write about football. Be specific and say that you would like to write about the new head coach, what his coaching philosophies are and how he tries to motivate his players. The more specific you are, the easier it will be to write your stories.

You must post an idea and constructively reply to someone elses idea. This is our first time using this writing format, write as a professional, not as if you are texting your friend. Practice makes perfect.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Mr. H

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Magazine Features

Good morning! Hope you enjoyed the long weekend. We’re in the home stretch. The last issue has been submitted and should be ready for distribution on Monday. I think it will turn out great, thank you to those students who put in the effort to make it that way.

As the end of the year approaches, we are already looking forward to next year. We are considering some changes to make our publication better. One idea is to switch to a magazine format. It would be a little more expensive but would open up a lot more options for articles and layouts. Many students enjoy looking at magazines rather than newspapers. 

Some questions for you to answer to get your thoughts are: What  is your favorite magazine? What feature in that magazine do you always read? Please explain what information is given and how it is laid out on the page; give details. How could we adopt that feature to our River City publication? Include a link in your comment to an online location that runs a similar feature so that we can take a look.

Post a comment and reply to someone elses please.

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Most Memorable Moment

Many articles have been written about other students and staff around our campus, but very few have been written about you, the journalism students. As we look to include as much as we can fit into this last issue, I wanted to give you all an opportunity to tell about your experiences in school this year. The assignment for today is to tell the story of your most memorable moment or achievement from this school year. For full credit, please include an original comment and a reply about someone else’s comment. This material may be included in our issue so make it good.

I know, it’s Monday, but we only have two Monday’s left. Can you dig it?

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I just wanted to use this post as an opportunity to get organized to be able to turn in your rough draft first thing Wednesday for editing. We do have some time before we have to submit our final drafts but your articles, and the issue as a whole, will be better if you don’t squeeze everything into the last minute. I would like for you to answer the following questions in your post:

What is your topic?

What progress have you made towards your rough draft? Who have you contacted?

What do you still need to do? Who do you still need to talk to?

What image do you want to use for your article? How are you going to get that image? If you can, bring your cameras in this week and snap as many photos of “campus life” as you can. Interview students for your article and take a photo. The more photos we have to choose from the better.

Please take the time to make this our best issue of the year. Let me know if there is anything you need from me specifically to help you.

Have a good monday!

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The Role of Journalists

As we approach the end of the school year and our final issue of OuRCity News, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on why RCHS wanted to restore a journalism class as an elective. The media, and journalists as a profession, are a very important part to any community whether it be a school, a city, our a country. So important, in fact, that the freedom of the press in written into the First Amendment in our Bill of Rights. Sumiko touched on this importance on her current article on World Press Freedom Day which was established to acknowledge the contributions that journalists make all over the world. In many parts of the globe, and throughout history, journalists have been imprisoned and even killed simply for doing their job. This highlights the importance of that profession if people are willing to put their safety and well-being on the line in order to publish a story. My question for you is: Why is journalism important and what is the role of a journalist in society?

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